Who this site is for

First and foremost this site is for my own use. Because of that, the content will reflect things that interest me and that are relevant to my practice. Apart from myself, the sort of audience I have in mind would be people with similar interests to my own or at a similar stage in their teaching career. Of course, anyone is welcome to make use of this site! You won’t find an old hand’s words of wisdom here, but my perspective as a recently qualified teacher and a person who grew up alongside the boom in the internet, smart phones and social media.  If you are interested in the further education sector, the practice and theory of teaching and learning, English Language as a subject, functional skills or the role of technology then this site could be worthwhile.

What this site is for

My intention in making this site is to create an online space where I can store and curate things relevant to further education, English and technology. The main purpose of the site so far is to post to the News category on the blog. This category is for recent developments in any of the areas related to my own practice. Basically, any time I see something online and think, “Ooh, that might be useful…”. These posts will all link to an external source; I aim summarise the content, and keep editorialising to a minimum. In the future I plan to share some writing of my own under a different category in the blog.  I’ve also been working on the Links section. This is where I can keep track of links to websites I’ve found useful. So far, this includes professional bodies, teaching and learning sites, resources, further education news and other teaching blogs. I’ll keep this page updated as and when I discover new sites.

About me

I am currently a student taking PGCE post-16 course at Sheffield Hallam. I studied Politics and Spanish as an undergrad and spent a year working as a classroom assistant in Barcelona. After my degree I returned to Spain (this time Madrid) and after completing a TEFL course spent two years working as a TEFL teacher in a variety of contexts. More recently in the UK I have taught at a summer camp and worked as a one-to-one tutor at a state secondary. I am now pursuing a career as an English teacher in further education.


If you see anything on this site that you agree with, disagree with, like, hate or that is just wildly inaccurate please contact me here.


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