Staffrm: Connect, Learn, Share.

I’ve just come across Staffrm after clicking through on an article on twitter. From a first impression, it looks like a web 2.0 social network for teachers. According to the welcome page, Staffrm is:

 the new professional network for educators passionate about their work. A vibrant and friendly community where you can connect with the teachers who inspire you around the things that you’re interested in.

Or, a collective space for teachers to share and discuss ideas about their practice. A virtual staff room, minus some vowels. Staffrm’s FAQ describes the site as a “social enterprise” created by teacher and social-entrepreneur Peps Mccrea. I decided to take a look.

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Medium launches new online education publication ‘Bright’

Medium have launched ‘Bright‘- “a pop-up publication about innovation in education”. From the introductory article, the publication stresses new and proven methods that work in education, as well as debates, personal stories and investigative features about education today. There also seems to be a focus on technology, with pieces on Pinterest and video gaming having been published so far. Bear in mind this is a US publication, so not everything will apply to a UK perspective.

Medium is a blogging site created by the founders of twitter. It aims to do for medium length writing what twitter has done for micro-blogging.